Vail Colorado and Hotels – A Perfect Combination

Vail Colorado + hotels.. too often when we go on vacation we instinctively book a hotel without really stopping to consider all of the options available to us.However, if you are thinking about a visit to the Rocky Mountains anytime soon it would be well worth your while to look into the accommodations in the Rocky Mountain resort town. The rates here are reasonable, the advantages are plentiful, the area is spectacular, and unlike your average overnight experience, this one is worth writing home about.Think about it. Say you’re renting out one of the Vail hotels for $1000 for the week. If that’s six nights then that works out to $166 a night. That might be a little higher than some of the best deals you could find, but not by much. And when you consider the advantages, both financial and practical, it actually starts to seem like a pretty amazing deal.For instance, imagine you and three other people are going on a ski trip. Two of you are single and one is a couple. If you are booking into a 3 or 4 star, you are almost certainly going to be either crowding into one room or booking two or three. The rate on a two bedroom condominium is going to be very competitive against the rate on two hotel rooms. Furthermore, what are you planning to eat? You can’t live off of hotel room coffee! In a hotel you are going to be ordering in or eating out for every meal, whereas Vail hotels with kitchens afford you the opportunity of having one or two meals a day prepared quickly by yourself. A short trip to the grocery store will have you covered for ten meals for the amount of money you would have spent at a restaurant for one. Add to all this the thought that you’ll have more common space to hang out in and in most Vail hotels you’ll have a place to store your skis, snowboards, mountain bikes or golf equipment-and the advantages begin to pile on top of each other.Why crowd together in your own room to plan your day when you can gather in the living room? Why hang your wet snow gear in the shower when you could find a closet or an entry way or even a laundry facility in one of the Vail Colorado and hotels? Why meet for an expensive breakfast downstairs every day when you can all help yourself to croissants and bagels at your own pace in the morning? Why pay through the nose by the night when you can pay one lump sum for the week and get a home away from home for whoever is traveling with you? Clearly the choice is obvious for you… the Rocky Mountain vacationer.

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